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On the Down the Garden Path Radio Show and Podcast, landscape designers Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing discuss down-to-earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens, and landscapes.

Joanne and Matthew believe it's important and possible to have great gardens that are low maintenance.

Each week, they educate their listeners on how to seasonally manage their gardens and landscapes. Joanne and Matt learn right along with their listeners, from each other, from their research, and from the many guests who join them on their show. 

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Mar 24, 2021

This week on Down The Garden Path, we speak with Connie Cadotte of Garden Retreats about pool design.

Since 1997, Garden Retreats has been creating residential gardens across the GTA. Their philosophy is to create a garden that will reflect a family’s lifestyle and provide years of enjoyment. Their goals is to achieve a balance between the client’s wish list and the actual implementation of the garden; to create a sustainable garden, one that will work the existing site and minimize the environmental impact.

Join us this week for our conversation about pool design with Connie Cadotte of Garden Retreats.

Connie answers our questions and tells us about the work she does:

  • Tell us more about yourself and the work you do at Garden Retreats.
  • What should people consider before purchasing a pool?
  • What are the main differences between vinyl, fiberglass and concrete pools?
  • Is there an ideal size or shape of pool?
  • What are the new trends in pool design?
  • Is a landscape design recommended before a pool installation?
  • What permits or rules do homeowners need to be aware of when considering a pool?
  • What should homeowners look for in a pool installer?

You can find Garden Retreats online here.

About Your Hosts

Each week on Down The Garden Path, professional landscape designers Joanne Shaw and Matthew Dressing discuss down-to-earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens and landscapes.

As the owner of Down2Earth Landscape Design, Joanne Shaw has been designing beautiful gardens for homeowners east of Toronto for over a decade.

And Matthew Dressing is a horticulturist and landscape designer. He owns Natural Affinity Garden Design, a landscape design and garden maintenance firm servicing Toronto and the Eastern GTA. Together, Joanne and Matthew do their best to bring you interesting, relevant and helpful topics. Their goal is to help you keep your garden as low maintenance as possible.

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