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On the Down the Garden Path Podcast, landscape designer Joanne Shaw discusses down-to-earth tips and advice for your plants, gardens, and landscapes. She believes it's important and possible to have great gardens that are low maintenance.

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Jan 16, 2018

2018 Landscape Designers’ Conference Recap

We welcome everyone back to our first show of 2018. 

The previous week Matthew and I attended the 2018 Landscape Designer Conference in Toronto.

On this episode of Down the Garden Path, Matthew and I shared all about the Landscape Designer Conference. An annual conference that takes place in Toronto. It is then followed by 3 days for Landscape Ontario Congress, more workshops and a trade show for the industry. 

We chatted about the Speakers for the day and what inspiration they left us with.

We also introduced a new segment to the show that we hope will be a hit. Down the Garden Path Design Dilemmas. Since we are both Landscape Designers we thought it would be nice to help others with their " Design Dilemma's" on the show. Feel free to email us your dilemma and you can even include a picture. is the email for when we are in the studio otherwise you can get in touch:

Twitter: @joanneshaw_d2e and @nataffinity

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